Full Time Care For Elderly Newbury

Full Time Care For Elderly Newbury

When the time arrives for your elderly relatives to be looked after by someone else, it’s easy to see it with a certain sadness. At Enbridge House, we can provide full-time care for the elderly in Newbury and ensure they enjoy every moment of their later life.

Set among the beautiful countryside of Berkshire, our house is a picture-perfect place to spend the days and nights in later life. With years of experience, our carers will make sure that your relative’s needs and requirements are taken care of with patience and calm. 

Enbridge House has all the facilities to make sure all our residents enjoy their stay with us. Our drawing room looks out upon our garden for a dreamy gaze at the wildlife, our home-cooked dinners provide warmth and nourishment every single day and we bring in many local services to aid your relative’s wellbeing. 

Services such as manicurists, chiropodists, physios and GPs all visit our residency to help take care of our residents and ensure they are healthy and happy in our care home. With specially designed en-suite rooms and easy-access, you can be sure that you are leaving your relative in the safest of hands. 

To find out more about our care home and how we can help mould our service to every requirement, get in touch with us today.

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