Long Term Care For The Elderly In South West

Long Term Care For The Elderly In South West

When you’re with your elderly relative, you’re only thinking about the present. Spending quality time with them is so precious at that age, especially. At Enbridge House, we provide long-term care for the elderly in the South West and help with the transition. 

Set in a beautiful area of West Berkshire, we’ve made Enbridge House a leading care home in the South West. Care homes should be based around top quality care and the most effective facilities. We combine the best nurses in the area, with our years of experience to look after your relative professionally.

To provide long-term care at Enbridge House, it requires a combination of expertise in working with the elderly and our great location. Surrounded by forest and just a short walk away from Highclere Castle, we can be the ideal care home for your elderly relative.

Your relatives will be reassured with our 24-hour nurse alert system, which will keep them safe. This is coupled with an easy-to-reach telephone and TV system. Comfortable rooms, furnished with modern furniture can be complemented with personal items like photo frames, artwork and more.

Our job is to ensure your elderly relative is in comfort and in peace with us. Discover more about our care home by getting in touch with us today.  
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