Why You Should Choose Our Fully Equipped Private Care Home In Berkshire

Why You Should Choose Our Fully Equipped Private Care Home In Berkshire

If you’re looking for a residency that has all the facilities, services and natural beauty to make later life comfortable for your loved ones, Enbridge House is ideal. Our fully-equipped private care home in Berkshire has been home to residents for over 25 years.

Our facilities here are modernised for easy-of-use but designed traditionally to create a tranquil stay in our care home. Every single one of our rooms features a 24-hour nurse-alert system plus an easy-to-reach telephone and TV. We design each room individually, however, your relative’s possessions can take pride of place in their room.

We also have en-suite facilities in each room to ensure that your relative feels comfortable and relaxed in their new home. This enables easy and short access to the toilet and saves late-night wandering to find the light.

With single and double accommodation available in our care home, you will find all the services and facilities are right where you need them. Home-cooked meals, natural surroundings and Highclere Castle just a short walk away – Enbridge House is perfect for your relative.

If you have special requirements for your loved one, we are accustomed to fitting these in to our daily routines. To discover more about our highly-trained staff and care home, contact us today.
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